Book Review: The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright

The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright
Release Date: 3rd June 2019
Publisher: Legend Press
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Elle Campbell is a glossy, lycra-clad mum with washboard abs, a ten-year plan and a secret past.
Abi Black has quit sugar, moved to the country and is homeschooling her kids.
Leisel Adams slogs away at her office job each day before rushing home, steeped in guilt, to spend precious moments with her kids before bedtime.
All three share a label that they simultaneously relish and loathe: mummy blogger. And when they are nominated for an award with a hefty cash prize, the scene is set for a brutal and often hilarious battle for hearts, minds-and clicks. As the awards night gets closer, their lies get bigger, their stunts get crazier - and some mistakes from the past become harder and harder to hide.


Author Interview: Jon Rance

One of my favourite things about being a book blogger is being given the opportunity to interview some of my favourite authors and chat all things bookish. I am thrilled to welcome the wonderful Jon Rance to my blog, whose new novel, Good Grief, is released today (click here to get your copy for the absurdly cheap 99p).
I will freely admit to being a bit (ok, a lot) of a fan girl when it comes to Jon's books. They are AMAZING and it was a privilege to be able to chat with Jon about his latest release, find out what he's been reading lately and (of course) try to find out if we are going to become reacquainted with Harry & Emily Spencer from ThisThirtySomething Life...

Hi Jon and welcome to Bookaholic Confessions! As someone who has been a massive fan of your books for many years now, it is a pleasure to welcome you to my blog. Please could you start off by introducing yourself?

Hello! Thank you so much for having me. I'm excited to be here. My name's Jon Rance and I'm the author of eight novels. My first novel, This Thirtysomething Life, a diary comedy about the male side of pregnancy, growing up, and becoming a father, was a Kindle bestseller and I got a two book deal with Hodder and Stoughton as a result. Since then I've gone on to publish seven more novels, some of which are comedies such as Dan and Nat Got Married, and others more dramatic like, About Us and my latest, Good Grief.

Your new novel, Good Grief, is released on the 11th June. Please could you tell us a bit about it?

Of course. Good Grief is the story of two people, Phil Turner, a sixty-year-old black cab driver, and Holly Moon, a twenty-seven-year-old, who works at the BBC. Two different people with very different lives, but when they both lose their partners, they fall apart. Phil's wife dies of cancer and Holly's husband of a sudden heart attack. They meet at a grief support group called, Good Grief, and they become friends and ultimately help each other move on. It's a love letter to the healing power of friendship because even in the depths of grief, the most magical things can happen. It’s a feel-good, uplifting story that will hopefully resonate with a lot of people.


Book Review: If You Could Go Anywhere by Paige Toon

If You Could Go Anywhere by Paige Toon
Release Date:16th May 2019
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Pages: 432
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Angie has always wanted to travel. But at twenty-seven, she has barely stepped outside the small mining town where she was born. Instead, she discovers the world through stories told to her by passing travellers, dreaming that one day she'll see it all for herself.

When her grandmother passes away, leaving Angie with no remaining family, she is ready to start her own adventures. Then she finds a letter revealing the address of the father she never knew, and realises instantly where her journey must begin: Italy.
As Angie sets out to find the truth – about her family, her past and who she really is – will mysterious and reckless Italian Alessandro help guide the way?