My 2018 Reading Resolutions

What are your New Years Resolutions for 2018? I usually forgo the classic 'Do a 5 mile run before breakfast every morning' (erm, hello, it's January. January = cold) and 'eat less biscuits' (not happening) and stick with a resolution that will make me happy. For example my resolution for the last three years has been to 'read more'. That I can live with.
In true Holly-style I am slightly late to the party, but nonetheless I have put together some of my reading hopes and ambitions for 2018. Being the nosy person that I am, I have thoroughly enjoyed having a read through other peoples reading goals and I thought it would be nice to do a blog post about some of my own 'reading resolutions' in a bid for me to actually stick to them during 2018. Happy New Year!

Set Realistic Reading Goals.
We've all been there. When we're eagerly setting up our GoodReads Reading Challenge on 1st January and reading 300 books in 365 days seems like a piece of (Christmas) cake. STOP. Setting yourself unrealistic reading goals only makes you feel like a failure when GoodReads ever-so kindly reminds you that you are -104 books behind target when you get to May.
As silly as it sounds I have actually felt bad when I am way, way off achieving my GoodReads target. I question my life choices and wonder what I have been so busy doing in my life that has prevented me from reading the 104 books I am behind schedule with. Shameful!
The only reading goal based on amount of books read I am setting myself this year is one that is in my head. And that will be achievable and will allow for the unavoidable reading slumps and the odd life event to take place...

Slow Down On The Book Buying
This is probably the hardest resolution I have ever given myself. Even harder than the time I tried to give up coffee.
The amount of un-read books I own is ridiculous. I have not just a shelf of un-read books but a whole BOOKCASE of books that I have snapped up in Waterstones and not got round to reading.
I'm not just a hideous human being, I promise. Being a book blogger means I very luckily get sent some AMAZING books to review for my blog, and these take reading priority (and rightly so...) but I also work in a library. This is both a help and a hindrance to this goal. If there's a book I desperately want to read I am lucky enough to be in the position where I can order it from my place of work. However, you honestly have no idea how tempting it is working among all of those glorious books, day in, day out, and not borrowing them ALL. My library card is pretty much maxed out all of the time. I then give my library books reading priority in a bid to get them read and returned, meanwhile all of the books I have bought are still sat prettily on my shelf. WHOOPS.
So this year I am going to set myself the goal of firstly always checking as to whether I can get hold of a book I want to read from the library and secondly allowing myself to buy a new book for every three I manage to get through from my own bookshelf. (No more impulse purchases in Tesco for me...Eeeek.)

Discover Audio Books
I think I have probably listened to one audio book in my entire life which is pretty shameful. Working in a library I get to see just how valuable a resource talking books are and as this year I will be changing working locations and driving a bit further to work, I have decided that I am going to use audio books to make my journey more enjoyable. Plus, it's technically extra reading time even though you're not reading. Win, win.

Only Read The Books I Want To Read
This is quite a big one for me as I am brilliant at trying to read books that aren't really up my street. Which is not necessarily a bad thing - I'm all for discovering new genres, authors etc, but I am probably the best person (or the worst, depending on how you look at it...) for taking people up on their recommendations. If someone were to say to me 'I really enjoyed this vampire-dinosaur-sci-fi novel, it was amazing, you need to read it!' I would be straight on Amazon ordering it, even though I don't like vampires/dinosaurs/sci-fi. I also need to bear this in mind when I am agreeing to review requests and remember that you can't read all of the books, all of the time...

I love chick-lit. I love crime. I love psychological thrillers. These are the books I want to read more of in 2018...

This is probably connected to the previous point but it is an important one nonetheless. Reading should be enjoyable and sometimes I put pressure on myself to get certain books read for certain deadlines and I'm sure I end up not enjoying them as much as I would have done, had I gone at my own pace. Blogging is my hobby and the book blogging community are not going to banish me if I fail to post a review in two weeks (at least, I hope not...) This is my corner of the web to gabble on about my favourite books - nothing more, nothing less.

Now the question is - can I break the habit of a lifetime and actually stick to my resolutions!? Be sure to let me know yours...Happy 2018!


  1. Hi Holly
    Your post made me laugh and nod in agreement. My reading new years resolutions are very similar to your own.
    Set realistic goals - tick
    Slow down on the book buying - tick
    I'm already a big Audio book listener. I try to make most of my library borrowing audio books - and yes it is definitely free reading time!
    Only read the books I want to read - tick
    I have others;
    Only borrow Audio books from the library so I can read what I have on my shelves. Obviously I don't need to explain how difficult this is going to be, and I don't even work in a library!
    Stop making a list of books "to read" - too much guilt!
    Avoid book blogs - hmmmm well I've already failed this one so I may as well cross that out lol.
    Bookworm Blessings.
    Tracy x

    1. Hi Tracy,
      I love your resolutions! That is a good idea about not making lists of books ‘to read’...I’m not sure I could manage staying away from book blogs! Haha!!
      Happy New Year!

      Holly x