Book Review: New Year, Same Trash by Samantha Irby

New Year, Same Trash: Resolutions I Absolutely Did Not Keep (A Vintage Short) by [Irby, Samantha]

New Year, Same Trash by Samantha Irby

Comedian, blogger and essayist Samantha Irby is not going to be a better person this year than she was last. Nope. With a small group of woo-woo others, Irby sets seventy micro-resolutions, and then—with the rest of us—she fails at almost every single one of them. 
Thoughtful, witty, poignant—the failed intentions in New Year Same Trash will make you laugh and cry. Because you know you’ve been there. You can’t wake up in time to go to brunch. Swimming three times a week? Who are you kidding. You’re not going to shower every day or pack your lunch every day. You’re definitely not going to choose a smart movie over mindless entertainment, because you’re tired. You’re lazy. And, no, you’re never going to be a positive thinker. “I didn’t do this. I’m gonna. Maybe.” Don’t worry. It’s okay. There’s always next year. Instantly recognizable to anyone who’s ever failed to make goals and stick with them, New Year Same Trash will bring hilarious relief.

Just over one month into 2018 & I'd like to take the opportunity to ask how your New Year's Resolutions are going?
Are you still running 5k before breakfast every day? Are you still eating less pizza? How about that one you made about spending less money on books? If you are one of those sickeningly-perfect people who has more self control than me then I applaud you. If, however, you are past the point of even bothering to make resolutions every January (LIKE ME) then you will love, love, LOVE New Year, Same Trash.
This witty little Vintage Short was actually released in January last year and I have only just got round to reading it (2019 resolution: read more books) but it resonated with me on so many levels. 
If you did set yourself lots of scary New Years Resolutions last month and haven't managed to stick to them then never fear! Spend fifteen minutes reading this delightful little book and you will instantly feel better.
Blogger Samantha Irby (check out her amazing blog, Bitches Gotta’ Eat  ) shares the 70 resolutions she set herself - some of them of pretty run-of-the-mill, 'respond to all my emails', 'call people I haven't spoken to in a while', while others are slightly more specific, 'learn to love chia seeds’, along with the progress she did (or didn't...) make whilst trying to stick to the resolutions throughout the year.

I didn't know much about Samantha until I picked up this book, but I instantly fell in love with her. She is basically me. I fail to make my lunch every day (or in fact, any day...) I can't keep plants alive and I also fully intend on eating healthy breakfasts (BUT LUCKY CHARMS.) Her witty anecdotes and observations made me smile, nod my head in recognition and also feel like slightly less of a failure.

Whether you set yourself goals for the new year or not, this is still a brilliant read. It's laugh-your-socks-off hilarious, not only because Samantha Irby is a hugely intelligent, observant writer, but as cheesy as it might sound, this book is funny because it's true.

If you're feeling the February-blues then this is your medicine. It will made you feel much better about life and leave you with the biggest grin on your face. I am also incredibly grateful that I have now been introduced to Samantha Irby and I cannot wait to read more of her essays.


Huge thanks to publishers, Penguin, for the opportunity to review. 


  1. Ugh, I need this in my life. My days are a constant struggle between "Why am I not a healthy-eating, yoga-doing, networking money-making boss lady!?" and "But blankies though." :P Great review!

    1. That is 100% me. The struggle is real. Give me books & blankets any day. 👍🏻