Book Review: Random Acts of Kindness Part 1-Promises by Victoria Walters

Random Acts of Kindness - Part 1: Promises by [Walters, Victoria]
Random Acts of Kindness, Part One by Victoria Walters
Release Date: 4th December 2017
Publisher: Simon & Schuster UK
Buy: Kindle

Welcome to Littlewood, a small town community with a big heart. Abbie has fled London and the humiliation of not being able to make rent after being made redundant. Louise, seriously unlucky in love, has thrown herself into her career at the local hospital. And Eszter, who has travelled from Hungary with her daughter Zoe, hopes to fulfill her husband's dying wish... to reunite his family. Can a little bit of kindness really change your life? Three very different women are about to find out…

After being made redundant by her boss (and ex-boyfriend...awkward) Abbie finds herself unable to survive in London whilst looking for another job, so she agrees to stay with her sister, Louise, in the sleepy little town of Littlewood.
However, disaster strikes for Abbie when she is making her journey to Littlewood and she loses her handbag. Luckily, an unlikely hero comes to her rescue in the form of Hungarian lady Eszter who has travelled to England with her daughter and also finds herself in Littlewood on a mission to track down her late husband's family.
Meanwhile Louise is only too happy to have her sister come and stay with her - but she isn't sure about how she is going to break the news of the latest awful developments in her love life...

I love, love, LOVE Victoria Walters. The Second Love of My Life gave me ALL the feels (I am still overloaded with emotion from reading it over a year ago...) and I'm delighted that she is back on the scene with this serialised novel which will be appearing on our e-readers in four glorious parts.

I'm all for being kind - I think it is something we should all make a more conscious decision to do (myself included) therefore I was massively intrigued by the synopsis of this story. The blurb asks as to whether kindness really can change you life and I believe so...and I have no doubts that Victoria's latest release will reinforce that theory.

I quickly became hooked on this story and felt a bond with the characters pretty much straight away. I am fascinated to see how Abbie will cope with the transition of moving from the hustle and bustle of her life in London to the idyllic-sounding town of Littlewood (and not having the facility to order Sushi at 4am should you wish to do so...) It will also be interesting to see how Louise copes with having Abbie living with her under the same roof. It soon became clear that something had happened to Louise relationship-wise and I was suitably outraged when I found out what this was and I really felt for her.
Eszter is also a massively intriguing character. I can't wait to find out more about her backstory as she finds herself bringing up her daughter, Zoe, alone after the loss of her husband. There is some mystery shrouding her late husband's family and Eszter is fulfilling his wish in tracking them down, but she is uncertain as to what reception she will be met with and I want to know why...
All in all, these three women are a fantastic bunch of characters. I like them all already and I can't wait to join them on their journeys. Victoria has done an excellent job of forming them through her writing so that you feel as though you know them already, even after only reading part one of the novel which bodes well for the rest of the installments.

I felt sucked into the Littlewood community right from the off. What a gorgeous, cosy, quaint little town...I want to live there, please. I also desperately want to pay a visit to Brew (Mine's a latte and a chocolate brownie, please!) I loved the idea of the cafe's Wall of Kindness - what a wonderful idea and one I would definitely like to see in real life.

I loved everything about part one of this novel - the concept, the characters, the location - and something tells me that there are one or two juicy twists coming up in the storyline. (Hello, Thomas Huntley...)

This is the perfect feel-good read and a lovely one to get your teeth into. The good news is Part One is currently free over on Amazon, and Part Two is out today!


Many thanks to publishers Simon & Schuster UK for the opportunity to review.


  1. I've bought them all based in your review. Your excitement is contagious. I would not normally read this kind of book but I feel they would be just the ticket to give a whirl x

    1. Thank you so much Claire! I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think. X

  2. This looks like a super sweet book. That cover! <3