Book Review: Saving the World by Paola Diana

Saving the World by Paola Diana
Release Date: 2nd May 2018
Publisher: Quartet Books

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A passionate call for international gender equality by a leading entrepreneur; this smart, accessible and inspiring book makes the case for why all nations need more women at the top of politics and economics. `The status of women is a global challenge; it touches every human being without exception. How is it possible that countries where women have achieved political, economic and social rights after exhausting struggles remain seemingly indifferent to the egregiousness of other nations where the status of women is still tragic? The time has come to help those left behind.

Paola Diana is entrepreneur, author and a committed advocate of women's rights who is originally from Italy.
In her inspiring and passionately written book, Saving the World, Paola explores the position that women find themselves in all across the globe, looking at their status across political, social and economic sectors.
Paola also revisits notable women from history and examines the struggles they have faced - and the struggles that women still face in the twenty-first century as she calls for change and equality for women.

When I think of this book the first word that comes to mind is 'wow'. Firstly wow because it is a fierce power-house of a book, unafraid to share the harsh truths, facts and figures that highlight how women are still looked upon and treated in other nations. Wow also because I feel as though I learnt SO much from reading this book. I was fascinated with the plights of women and the struggles that they have faced throughout history. Just some of my favourites included learning about Aphra Behn, the first British women to become a professional writer who was dubbed 'the prostitute poet' by disparaging male critics. Aphra dared to write under her real name and not use a pseudonym (as so many female writers have done throughout history, J.K Rowling being probably the most well-known example after being asked to adopt a male pseudonym by her publishers as they feared that the target audience of young teenagers would not be attracted to a book written by a female author.) Being the book-nerd that I am, I particularly enjoyed the sections on female writers & I loved making new discoveries about a subject that I thought I was fairly well versed in.The chapter 'Born a Women' made for both shocking and upsetting reading, as Paola discusses how women's bodies are used as property and details some of the ancient and cruel traditions that some countries carry out towards women. ('foot-binding', 'breast-ironing' and 'giraffe-women' are some of the worst.) 
Despite things having changed for the better in Western democracies, women still have to fight for the right to be recognised and respected.  Paola also touches upon how we as a nation are all well aware of the suffering and indignities that so many women of today face in other countries, yet we do our best to put these worries to the back of our mind and end up doing nothing - when in fact we could be doing so much more. We assume we are helpless -but Paola highlights that this isn't the case.
Informative and motivating, I really found Saving the World to be an inspiring book. I felt genuinely interested in the comparison between what it means to be born a women in Italy, compared to the status of women in the US and UK.
I'm not a massive reader of non-fiction and it took me a day or two to get into the right mind-set to really appreciate this book, but ultimately I am so glad that I did. Some of the facts and figures went over my head (but that's just me when it comes to numbers...) but I loved the snippets of back-stories from inspirational women throughout history and feel as though the message that Paola is trying to convey, ultimately that women and men need to fight together for a better world, came across really well.

This is definitely a book designed not just to be read, but read and acted upon and Paola's words will definitely inspire you to do so.

A powerful read - recommended for both men and women - and a passionate call for change that will inform, inspire and enlighten.

A huge thank you to Cara at Midas for the opportunity to take part in the Saving the World blog tour.

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