Extract: Wartime at Woolworths by Elaine Everest

Wartime at Woolworths by Elaine Everest: Blog Tour Extract

‘This liver and bacon is as tough as old boots,’ Freda said, trying to cut through the unappetizing food on her plate.
‘The mashed potato is no better. Slops with lumps in is a better description. I do wonder if Enid has ever cooked for more than her family before?’
‘I can’t eat this,’ Freda said, pushing the plate away. ‘We have half an hour before we’re due back downstairs. I’m going to walk round the corner and treat myself to a bag of chips. Fancy coming with me?’
Sarah didn’t need any second bidding. ‘Just let me stick my head in Betty’s office and tell her I’m off out in case she needs me. She has her hands full today, what with having her daughters with her.’
‘That does seem rather strange. So unlike Betty to mix her home life with work.’ Sarah frowned. ‘Once married a woman does have to put her family first. You’ll understand one day, Freda.’
Freda chuckled. ‘Then I hope I never marry or have children as I can’t think of anything worse.’
Sarah was shocked. ‘But you help run the Brownies and Girl Guides. You love organizing activities with the girls.’
‘It doesn’t mean I want a houseful of children. If I ever have a family, it will be on my terms. Maisie doesn’t appear to be downtrodden by her David and look at Betty still running a busy Woolworths store. If Betty has brought the children to work, it must be for a reason rather than her wanting to be close to them all day long.’

Wartime at Woolworths by Elaine Everest is published on 3rd May by Pan Mac (available in paperback and ebook, price £6.99)


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  1. I suspect this will be delightfully nostalgic! I remember going to Woolworths, or Woolies as we called it, to get sweets from the pik and mix before going to the cinema. Bookworm Blessings, Tracy x