Book Review: Kismet by Luke Tredget

Kismet by Luke Tredget
Release Date: 17th May 2018
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Buy: Hardback Kindle

Anna is in love. 
Or maybe not.
She's a free spirit: definitely happy.
Or is it more panicked?
In any case, she is living life to the full. Or maybe to the edge.
And having a glass of wine.

With a big birthday just around the corner, an important new project at work, and a boyfriend she suspects might be about to ask her a significant question, Anna should feel like she has it all together. But somehow, she just doesn't seem to be sure about, well, anything. So she gets out her phone and decides to download Kismet.
Will she embrace the life she has, or risk everything for the life she imagines?

As she approaches thirty, Anna starts to reevaluate her life and she doesn't like what she sees. She might have a good job, but it's a job she doesn't really like, she might have a good boyfriend but can't ignore the niggling feeling that she's not as invested in her relationship with Pete as she should be. Anna yearns to travel, to experience life...Surely there must be more fun to be had? More of the world to see?
Anna finds herself re-joining matchmaking app, Kismet (which assures her that she is a 70% match with Pete...) Kismet matches its users on their likes, dislikes, attributes and intelligence, among other things.
When Anna is matched with the ever-so-charming Geoff her world goes into freefall. The couple have an extraordinarily high score on the app and on the surface Geoff seems like the ideal man for Anna. But are things really that simple? Can Anna risk everything because of the results of a dating app? And will what she discovers on Kismet lead her to bring about the much-needed changes to her life?

In the modern world of dating, if you haven't downloaded an app and swiped left (or right!) on someone at some point in your life you are probably considered to be in the minority. The dating app market is saturated and online dating no longer has the stigma attached to it that it once did. 
As someone who has ventured into the world of dating apps in the past, I was absolutely fascinated by the concept of Kismet. It certainly lived up to my expectations and is based on a hugely compelling storyline, which will immediately draw you in and not let go until you have turned the very last page.

I found Anna to be a wonderful character and one which I could easily relate to. I'm sure that many other readers will feel the same and this is one of the many reasons as to why I think this book is so fantastic.

You will sympathise with Anna - we've all been in a similar situation - and I loved how a big part of this novel turned into her journey of self discovery.
I couldn't wait to see where this journey would take her as she worked through the complexities of life and if she would discover as to whether there really is such a thing as the perfect match.

Kismet is so much more than your average romance novel. It has depth, heart, humor and I really struggled to put it down once I started reading...It's one of those novels that will capture both your attention and your imagination.

Well written  and original, Kismet is a hugely enjoyable and insightful novel which will appeal to so many readers on so many levels.

A huge thank you to Joanne at Faber & Faber for the opportunity to be part of the Kismet blog tour.

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