Book Review: Only When It's Love by Olivia Spring

Only When it's Love by Olivia Spring
Release Date: 6th February 2019
Publisher: Hartley Publishing
Pages: 286
Buy: Paperback 

Alex’s love life is a disaster. Will accepting a crazy seven-step dating challenge lead to more heartbreak or help her find Mr Right? 
Alex is tired of getting ghosted. After years of disastrous hook-ups and relationships that lead to the bedroom but nowhere else, Alex is convinced she’s destined to be eternally single. Then her newly married friend Stacey recommends what worked for her: a self-help book that guarantees Alex will find true love in just seven steps. Sounds simple, right?
Except Alex soon discovers that each step is more difficult than the last, and one of the rules involves dating, but not sleeping with a guy for six months. Absolutely no intimate contact whatsoever. Zero. Nada. Rien. A big challenge for Alex, who has never been one to hold back from jumping straight into the sack, hoping it will help a man fall for her.
Will any guys be willing to wait? Will Alex find her Mr Right? And if she does, will she be strong enough to resist temptation and hold out for true love?
Join Alex on her roller coaster romantic journey as she tries to cope with the emotional and physical ups and downs of dating whilst following a lengthy list of rigid rules.

To put it bluntly, Alex's love life is a complete and utter bummer. She spends all of her time meeting up with men who are only after one thing and she still falls for their charms each and every time, only for them to disappear once they've got what they wanted.
However, when one of her (happily-married) work colleagues, Stacey, suggests Alex tries following a set of rules to find love from a self-help book, she is unimpressed. The book worked for Stacey who has the hunky husband of her dreams, but Alex is horrified when she looks into the set of seven 'rules' that participants have to follow in order to snag their future husband. These rules involve living by the manta 'No cock without commitment'; basically you can go on as many dates are you like, with as many different men as you like but the golden rule is NO SEX. For six long months. *gulp*
Alex is cynical; who is going to abstain for six whole months for her? Most men will run a mile...Or will they?
Faced with an eternity of single-dom, Alex embarks upon the challenge and follows the rules rigidly in the hope that she will uncover her Mr Right and much to her surprise it turns out there may well be a few contenders for the title after all...
Anyone who has dipped their toe into the murky waters of online dating will sympathize with Alex. Dating apps are full of men who are just looking for a good time and don't want to commit, and I think Alex's fruitless search for 'the one' with resonate with so many readers out there.
As someone who has experienced the online dating scene, I LOVED the concept behind the book & I couldn't wait to see if Alex would stick to the rules and what the men she was dating would make of her challenge when they found out.
There are two men who Alex takes a liking to pretty early on; Miles and Luke. She dates both simultaneously (which must have been exhausting, I was tired just reading about her date-hopping!) and both look to be pretty strong contenders in Alex's future. But there can only be one Mr Right and I couldn't wait to find out who Alex would ultimately choose. I made up my mind pretty quickly as to who I thought was right for Alex and there were times when I was ready to throw my e-reader across the room in a huff when I thought it was going to swing the other way.
Olivia is fantastic at keeping the reader guessing and I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen, meaning I pretty much sped-read my way through Only When It's Love (but then in true good-book style, I was sad when it was over.) I felt a real affinity with Alex and I loved getting to know the supporting characters too. Roxy was hilarious and I can't wait to read more about her in Olivia's debut, The Middle Aged Virgin. I really liked Audrey and thought she was a brilliant addition to the story and yes - I did fall just that little bit in love with Miles (the way he likes animals *swoon*). 
I loved watching Alex's transformation as she starts to value herself and comes to realise that she places too much emphasis on being the type of women she thinks men want, but anyone who really cares for her will love her for her; regardless of her hair extensions, make-up and high heels.

Only When It's Love is a real page-turner and I guarantee you will HOOT with laughter at Alex's escapades whilst fully cheering her on from the sidelines. If you like romance, humour and a generally fun-filled read then look no further than this gorgeous, well-written dating adventure.


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