Book Review: Mr Todd's Reckoning by Iain Maitland

Mr Todd's Reckoning by Iain Maitland
Release Date: 25th April 2019
Publisher: Contraband
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-1912235452
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Behind the normal door of a normal house, in a normal street, two men are slowly driving each other insane. One of them is a psychopath.
The father: Mr Todd is at his wits end. He's been robbed of his job as a tax inspector and is now stuck at home... with him. Frustrated. Lonely. Angry. Really angry.
The son: Adrian has no job, no friends. He is at home all day, obsessively chopping vegetables and tap-tap-tapping on his computer. And he's getting worse, disappearing for hours at a time, sneaking off to who-knows-where?
The unholy spirit: in the safety of suburbia, one man has developed a taste for killing. And he'll kill again.

Meet Mr Todd. Our narrator in this story and on the surface a pleasant recently retired tax inspector  who suddenly finds himself pottering around his bungalow, being driven mad by his 25 year old son, Adrian. Suffering from OCD and with no friends, no job and no real life outside of his home, Adrian and his obsessive behaviour are causing great frustration and concern to his father.
In the midst of a heatwave, Mr Todd begins to write a diary in order to keep himself sane during the long days cooped up with his son. In it he demonstrates Adrian's odd behaviour and his indiscretions from the past. However, it's not long until Mr Todd begins to allude to one or two frightening secrets that take this story to a whole new level of terrifying.

Iain Maitland is a new author to me and I was really looking forward to discovering his writing. Mr Todd's Reckoning sounded massively intriguing (The 'Norman Bates' reference sold this book to me straight away...) and BOY OH BOY was I not disappointed. This novel grabbed me from the very first page and refused to let go until I knew exactly what was going to happen to the wonderfully quirky yet frightening cast of characters.
The first half of the book almost lulls you into a false sense of security. You think you know where you are- desperate to learn what exactly Adrian is up to and feeling something akin to sympathy for Mr Todd. However, as soon as you reach the second half of the book everything you thought you knew is suddenly brought into question and the novel becomes a whole lot darker and downright scary.
The atmosphere that Iain Maitland creates with his writing is incredible. I love it when a book captures your attention to the extent that you just have, have, HAVE to finish it immediately in order to find out what happens. I felt almost claustrophobic reading this, I could feel the intense heat and then the fear started to really take hold. And take hold it did. This novel absolutely terrified me...I would advise a) Not reading this at night and b) Making sure you aren’t alone when you reach the second half of the story. Every bang and sound I heard started to turn me into a nervous wreck...
The characters were so vivid and Iain brought them to life so well with his writing. He is a master of suspense and I loved how he tricked me into thinking characters were one thing when in reality they were entirely another.

There is so much I was to say about this twisty, gripping & terrifying novel, but I’m also conscious of not giving anything away, so the best advise I can give is to just READ THIS BOOK. Right now.

I can’t wait to read more from Iain Maitland & I will definitely be getting hold of his previous novels after enjoying Mr Todd’s Reckoning so much.


A huge thank you to Ruth for the opportunity to review Mr Todd's Reckoning.

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